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Vrksasana is among the first poses you will practice as a yogi, and it’s one of those that give big satisfaction from the beginning. It’s a classic, looks pretty and never too boring. In fact, it challenges our sense of balance and, thanks to its several existing variations, you can give it a change if one day you feel you want to funk up your practice a bit. All of them though are characterised by the concept of rootedness, of connection to the ground and, in a wider sense, to the Earth.

Eight yoga inspired exercises for opening the shoulders

Who doesn’t have a cranky set of shoulders?
Hunching is the body’s natural way of protecting itself from outsiders by physically closing off access to the vital organs.
Following you find my favourite yoga inspired exercises that can help you release your shoulders, and leave you with a sense of openness to your chest. This will definitely improve your posture and your breath will start come deeper and more easily.

Effective yoga techniques for releasing anger and frustration

Do you feel angry quite often? Even small issues irritate and frustrate you? Exercising can be a great way of getting rid of these negative feelings.
For people who get irritated easily, yoga can help manage their feelings and calm them down.

You are ready for 200-h YTT when…

This past weekend I started my 200-hour yoga teacher training here in Milan. I had been wondering if I should do it or not since August. I would keep going back to the website of my favourite school at least two or three times… Continue Reading “You are ready for 200-h YTT when…”

Let me introduce you Platypusasana!

PLATYPUSASANA props finally out!