My name is Marta, born and raised in Italy, vintage 1990.
I grew up in a small city in the neighbourhood of Milan, in a close-knit family (Italian style) of 4. A kid with my father’s ways and a touch of my mother’s, while my sister and I are like chalk and cheese, which translates into 100% complementary.

Mine is a pretty normal story. In fact, I am lucky enough to have some of the same friends since middle and high school, my age as a sporty, shy, and clumsy kid. School, athletics, and banters with friends pretty much summarise my beloved childhood.

Studying foreign languages during my Bachelor’s, and then tourism management in my Master’s degree, contributed to increase even more my curiosity about the world. For this reason I decided to move abroad for a period. Sydney, Australia.

The first six months became another year, and then other two years. Four years overall, which was the most extraordinary and at the same time challenging experience of my life. A lot of fun, of the most diverse people, of work, but also of dynamics I will never fully endorse and understand.

In this context yoga was one of those things that positively caught me by surprise. And for many reasons.
I had always been hyperactive, and the last thing I could think was that I would fall in love with a practice that promotes the opposite approach to what my hectic lifestyle was.
Secondly, I had never trusted those “super enthusiasts” who keep talking about how yoga has changed their lives. (Well, it does. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel high every time after a proper session!).
Finally, I realised that the level of stiffness of my body was much higher than what I thought. I came from years of athletics’ fast track training, and from three years hospitality with its daily heavy trays. I had no stability, no flexibility whatsoever, and both downward and upward facing dog were all Greek to me. Basically I was stuck in my body.

I have to admit that I was quite inconsistent. The turning point came when I moved back to the other side of the world. I left my job as supervisor, travelled solo around Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia still in my heart), and landed to Milan. Here the big question: WHAT NOW??? Good one! At this point I was finally learning to listen to my needs, the main being “reinvent yourself, go back to centre“. Yoga became my weapon to fight overwhelming concerns about the future, to find my balance, to silently discover acceptance and patience.

Interesting facts


Platypus|asana…basically, the platypus’ pose. What the heck?!
Don’t worry, you haven’t missed your class on this asana.

I’m the Platypus, or better platypus is my spirit animal. I truly believe that a couple of lives ago I must have had fur, bill, and webbed paw.

Are you wondering about my “PLATYPUSNESS”?

I have a platypus theory, here you go.

(WARNING!!! You may find some platypus resemblance in yourself as well.)

You look at it and it’s a pretty funny and clumsy animal. However, its somehow weird shape is what makes it perfect, adaptable to its environment, and strong. This cutie walks, but is also capable of staying in water for long time thanks to its waterproof fluffy fur and webbed paw. It’s a mammal and does milk, but lays eggs too. And as far as it may look harmless, it can defend itself: beware, it is venomous.
To sum up, it’s the totality of its element to make it unique and strong, even if it looks like a patchwork of pieces taken from different animals.

Have you ever felt like a little bit of this and a little bit of that, not sure how these different aspects of yourself could make a “regular” individual?


I’ve always felt clumsy, a sort of funny one. Rather impossible to take me seriously. All about self-confidence, and I allowed this mindset to influence my choices and lifestyle. It was only when I realised that, yes, I may be a bit weird sometimes, but this is what makes me strong and unique, that I was really able to truly connect with myself, my environment, and the present time in a positive way.

Wasn’t yoga about balance, connection, and appreciation of the self??? This is where my story as a happier platypus began!

I know it’s a bit sick (XD), but this is the reason why I picked this name for my first endeavour in the yoga world. And I still think that the logo is the cutest I could create!


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