Sahasrara is the seventh of our chakras, also known as the crown chakra as it is located at the very top of our head. It is responsible for the proper functioning of the cerebral cortex, and it is the chakra of our highest forms of thought, such as transcendence, knowledge, and spirituality.

Sahasrara is connected to our purest feelings, such as altruism, humility, trust, compassion and forgiveness.

The element associated with it is metal, and its colours white, symbol of enlightenment and purity, and purple. Sahasrara is therefore depicted as a purple lotus. In some representations the design of a full moon is also inscribed.

Thanks to the energy of the seventh chakra we are able to reach transcendental knowledge, that is, the highest and purest form of knowing that exists.

When Sahasrara is balanced, our understanding, consciousness and learning ability are enhanced. Thoughts become pure and uncontaminated.

On the contrary, when this chakra is blocked, our thinking gets heavily affected. We may suffer of diseases such as from headaches, phobias, and psychosis. The energy of Sahasrara is very powerful, so a block is always associated with very marked discomforts.
From a mental point of view, its lack of balance ends up in our interest in materialism rather than spirituality. We become dissatisfied with what we have, and we are often afraid of death. Moreover it becomes difficult to accept anything that does not have a rational explanation, which consequently gets rejected.

Sahasrara in summary

PositionAt the top of the head
FunctionUniversal awareness and purity
ColourPurple and white
Crystals and StonesQuartz, amethyst, diamond

Exercises to rebalance Sahasrara

The best way to cure this energy centre is to constantly practice meditation.
At the level of hatha yoga, the following asanas can be recommended.

Sirsasana – this is considered the ideal posture to stimulate energy in the area of the crown chakra

Savasana – also know as corpse pose, this is the best asana to teach detachment. This pose teaches us the ability to completely let go of desires, expectations and prejudices.