Cork and TPE Yoga Mat by PLATYPUSASANA

  • ONLY ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS: Platypusasana firmly believes in protecting the environment. For this reason we use only 100% natural cork and TPE, or ThermoPlastic Elastomers, which are recyclable, decomposable and non-toxic materials (They do not contain any PVC, latex, or plasticizers!).
  • NON-SLIP GRIP: The cork side of the mat provides a perfectly sweatproof and slip-resistant surface for your practice. Indeed, the cork yoga mat’s grip increases when there is additional moisture!
  • MORE SPACE: The yoga mat by Platypusasana is carefully designed for bodies of all shapes and sizes. We provide a little extra space to practice as it is wider than normal yoga mats. Our yoga mat measures 183x61cm and provides ample space for any type of exercise.
  • PERFECT ABSORPTION: Thanks to the elastic TPE underside, the 5mm high-density mattress provides very strong traction and gentle absorption during your yoga session. Therefore it reduces the impact on the joints and provide great support to users of all levels, especially beginners.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL AND HANDY: ideal for any yoga style (also hot yoga and Bikram!), but also for aerobics and Pilates. Included in the price is also the comfortable YOGA MAT BAG. You can take it with you to the gym and wherever you want.

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